WordPress Themes: A Great Way to Get a Custom Website Design While Keeping Costs Down

Using a theme with a WordPress website can be a very cost-effective way to add custom design features to your website without going for a fully customized solution.

What’s a theme, you ask? While WordPress is a widely used and supported content management system (CMS), the “front-end”, or “user interface” (UI) design, which includes graphics, colors, fonts etc, constitutes the “theme.” Themes can be created from scratch or can be purchased “off-the-shelf” as pre-made templates. Sometimes these themes are free, but generally they run between $50-$150 and come equipped with many features like page layout tools, contact forms, photo galleries and effects, typographic tools, icons, and much more.

However, while themes can be inexpensive, it can take significant time to set them up, become familiar with the tools, and customize the elements to fit your brand. That’s where we can help! In some cases, themes can limit what areas you are permitted to edit, but overall can be a good choice for budget-conscious clients.

American Vintage Ignition – amvinig.com

At About350 Creative, we have been working with WordPress for many years, and are just as comfortable and experienced designing fully customized themes, as we are working with templates. We have used many different themes on dozens of websites over the years. If you are looking to upgrade your existing website, need a new one, or are looking for updates and maintenance, give us a call! In the meantime, here are a few examples of WordPress websites we’ve built for clients using pre-made themes which we’ve customized to the client’s specifications: