Klaben Auto Group Website

This is our latest iteration of website design for the Klaben Auto Group. As an auto dealer representing many brands, Klaben’s challenge with this website is to direct users to inventory and other relevant content as quickly as possible, while following a myriad of national brand guidelines. Klaben again came to About350 Creative to help update and improve the user interface and administrative functionality of the site. Having learned much from watching years of site analytics and customer behavior, we were able to design a clean, simple, straightforward and intuitive interface that customers can navigate with ease, whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

We also improved the administrative content management features of the site to give more power and control to the dealer managers for inputting and controlling new vehicle specials.

Klaben is a household name in the region, and About350 Creative is pleased that they again trusted us to update and improve one of their most important marketing assets.